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ATI Catalyst 8.2

ATI Graphics drivers and software solution
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ATI Technologies Inc.

Catalyst - Unified Software Suite for the ultimate in - Performance, Stability, Visual Quality and Innovation. The unified Catalyst software suite delivers a full software solution for supported Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.
Catalyst Driver:
This is the backbone of the entire Catalyst software that accelerates your 2D desktop and 3D applications (using either the OpenGL or Direct3D components)
Catalyst Control Center:
This is ATI’s new user interface that revolutionizes how users interact with their ATI graphics accelerator – users can very quickly setup and configure their graphics accelerator settings using the Catalyst Control Center

Hydravision (HV):
A separate software package that allows users to more efficiently organize multiple applications across multiple displays – great for business users

Multi-Media Center (MMC) and Remote Wonder (RW):
Separate software package designed to provide the ultimate multi-media playback experience** Note that a All-in-Wonder graphics accelerator is required to take advantage of all the features found in the Multi-Media Center. Using the Remote Wonder users can control their Multi-Media Center from the comfort of their living room couch.

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